10 things Reflexologists would love you to know

10 things Reflexologists would love you to know

1. We don’t care about leg hair!

It’s true! We genuinely don’t care if you’ve shaved your legs or not. In fact having some leg hair can be helpful as there is this wonderful relaxing c-tactile reflexology move which is very calming and you need leg hair for that! If you WANT to shave your legs before your appointment then fine, but definitely don’t worry if not! I don’t judge. 

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2. We ask lots of questions so we can help you! 

If you’ve ever been for a treatment you might have found that the therapist asks lots of questions about your health and lifestyle. This is so that we can give you the best possible treatment and understand what is going on for you. It is so we can treat you as a whole person not just ‘these feet’ (Like what happened to a relative of mine in a hospital!)

It also helps us ensure that you are well enough to have a treatment as some illnesses, conditions or medical treatments may make having Reflexology inadvisable. Whatever you tell us will be in complete confidence (unless you’re planning on harming yourself or another person or for some reason we are required by law to disclose this information)

The lifestyle questions can sometimes reveal truths that we’ve previously not acknowledged. I know when I first filled in a consultation form I realised that there were some parts of my lifestyle that needed to be improved on. 

3. We would never judge you.

When we ask you to answer questions about your lifestyle we are curious to know the honest answer. We would not judge you if you smoked 40 a day or drank a bottle or two of wine every night with dinner. We might lovingly suggest some changes to help you move towards needing less tobacco or alcohol but it would be from a place of support and non-judgement and only if you felt this was something you would like support with.  Wherever you are at the moment we will meet you there.

4. You don’t need a fresh pedicure or to remove all your hard skin before your appointment

Hard skin can often indicate where a reflex is out of balance. It can show that your body is attempting to protect itself. It can also show where footwear has been rubbing. We also aren’t bothered if you’ve not trimmed your toe nails or if your nail polish is a bit chipped! It’s absolutely fine if you do have a pedicure but please don’t delay coming for a treatment until your feet are ‘perfect’ I often hear people wistfully sigh before telling me that their feet look a mess! The only time we would be concerned is if your feet were very sore and cracked and showing signs of infection or if you had athletes foot. 

Reflexology does not diagnose

5. Changes take time!

Reflexology has a cumulative effect and changes (probably) aren’t going to happen overnight! What we can do is layer up the effects of the treatments by having regular treatments and taking smallish steps towards creating a nourishing and self-care centred lifestyle. There is no magic wand! Things take time, changes take time. It may take 6-8 treatments spaced relatively close together before you notice a difference

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6. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better

Reflexology is great for speeding up the process for rebalancing and healing. The body will sometimes spit things out that it no longer needs. You might find that your pain suddenly gets worse before lessening or vanishing completely. If you have the beginnings of a cold, you might find that reflexology helps bring on the symptoms so you might find that you have a terrible cold but for a short period of time before feeling much better. If you keep gently sipping water you should find you feel much better very soon.

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7. We’d like you to take some time out for yourself

This might mean putting your telephone onto silent (or even better switching it off) Obviously if you have small children and need to be contactable then that’s fine. But if you can spare an hour for yourself to switch off completely that would be amazing.

If you’d like to drift off into your own little world during the treatment then that’s fine. Equally if you need to talk then that’s fine too. This time is for you to use in a way that makes the most sense to you. Apart from asking you if the pressure is ok we won’t intitiate conversation. Don’t feel you have to be polite or stay awake, nor do you have to feel the need to fill the silence (unless you’d like to!)


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8. We don’t care if you fall asleep, end up ‘purring’ or pass wind! 

One thing that reflexologists get very excited about is clients falling into a deeply relaxed, calm state, either where they’ve drifted off or started gently snoring. As a number of my clients have sworn blind that they definitely weren’t asleep during the treatment (despite snoring indicating the contrary!) I’ve started to refer to snoring as purring. We also get very excited when clients pass wind, especially if we are working on the bowel reflex at the time! Just don’t worry about it. Do what you have to do! Honestly.

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9. We need access to your feet and lower legs

Please come for your treatment wearing loose legged trousers or leggings. We need to access the whole lower legs and feet for the treatment. Please avoid wearing tights where possible. If you are having an evening, at-home appointment please feel free to pop your pyjamas on for your treatment so you can float off to bed once I’ve gone.

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10. Testimonials are welcomed by us! They’re what keeps small businesses afloat.

If you’ve enjoyed your treatment would you please consider leaving a Facebook and/or Google review? Small businesses rely on recommendations of other clients to show that they’re a reputable business. It provides reassurance to potential new clients who may feel nervous of booking. My Reviews page is here 

You’ll find the links you need on there.

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To become a member of the Association of Reflexologists you have to be trained to a high standard, to have done case studies and passed multiple exams.

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What is Reflexology?

What is Reflexology?

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle yet powerful complementary therapy which uses systematic pressure on specific points of the feet, face, hands or ears to bring the body back into balance. This is combined with a range of massage techniques to warm up the muscles and tissues and to help relax and restore you. It has an all-over-body effect yet doesn’t involve you taking any clothes off apart from your shoes and socks! 

It is thought that by pressing specific areas (the reflexes) the associated organ, bone, joint or tissue will be brought back into balance. If something is running a little too quickly, pressing the reflex should help to reset it back to normal. If it is running too slowly, again reflexology aims to bring it back into balance. If you’re feeling tired reflexology can help re-energise you and if you’re feeling like you need to slow down and relax it can help you do that too.

what is reflexology

Why should I have reflexology?

There is something deeply nurturing about putting your feet up and allowing someone else to hold space just for you for that hour. In my practice I use hot towels whenever I can. Just taking the weight off your feet, having them refreshed with hot towels, having your feet wrapped in a towel to keep warm. Being tucked up under a blanket (if you like) all contribute to a sense of being safe, warm, nurtured and cared for. A place where you can really unwind and be yourself. 

Sometimes we find that we hold everything together for other people and reflexology allows us to take some time out for ourselves where we’re not having to hold space for anyone else. We’re not having to work out what’s for dinner or how we’re going to pay the electric bill. We  just have our feet wrapped up in a towel, there may be some soft music playing in the background (you get to choose whether you’d like this or not, some people welcome silence) you’re warm, you’re nurtured, all you need to do is let go and relax.

wrapped up in a blanket

What is Reflexology good for?

As reflexology is usually deeply relaxing, it can help the body start to unwind. Releasing tense muscles, lifting low mood and calming busy minds. It can allow you to take a little time out from your daily life. It is good for helping improve your sense of wellbeing and can be helpful in restoring good sleep patterns. It is also great for relieving stress. 

Stress has a massive impact on the body and mind, having many potentially negative effects from raising blood sugar levels to increasing blood pressure, increasing your chances of having a heart attack, a stroke or for you to need to take time off work. 

Foot Reflexology with Sarah Cooper in Boroughbridge

How often should I have reflexology?

Essentially it is up to you, however reflexology does have a cumulative effect. To see the best results and to maximise the effectiveness of your treatments it would be advantageous to book yourself in regularly.

If you have a specific issue that you would like some help with, it may be beneficial for you to initially have a series of 4 or 6 treatments spaced weekly to make maximum impact. These could be followed up with a fortnightly or monthly maintenance treatment. 

Ideally if you have no specific issues and just need a maintenance treatment you’d have a treatment every 3-4 weeks.

I offer a package where you can buy 6 treatments and save £20 which can help with budgeting. 

reflexology may be covered by your health insurance plan

Check your health insurance, some companies include Reflexology!

If you have health insurance either privately or as a benefit through your work It is worth noting that some health insurance providers offer cash-back on Reflexology treatments but please double check this before booking your appointment as I will need paying on the day of the treatment (you then send the insurance company the receipt and they pay you back) Imagine being able to have regular reflexology treatments at no extra cost! 


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7 Popular Reflexology Myths Busted

7 Popular Reflexology Myths Busted

Reflexology Myth 1. “Reflexology hurts”


Reflexology should not hurt. Generally speaking the pressure should be at an acceptable level so it feels firm enough without being sore.

You may experience a sore spot if an area is out of balance but this should be just tender rather than painful as such. 

Please let us know if you need to have your pressure adjusted

If you are finding that the treatment is painful please please let your reflexologist know at the time so they can adjust the pressure to suit you. Never suffer in silence. Never wait until the end of a treatment to mention that you need a different pressure. We want you to have the best experience possible, so if that means changing pressure or adjusting your position etc we would rather know about it so we can do something about it!

Generally the reflexologist will ask you if the pressure is at the right level, although if they see that you seem to be comfortable (or asleep!) they won’t keep asking you. There’s nothing more annoying than being asked every 43 seconds if the pressure is ok when all you want to do is shut your eyes and let the world float by!

Reflexology does not diagnose

Reflexology Myth 2. “Reflexology can diagnose illnesses”


Reflexology can often highlight an area that seems to be out of balance but it does NOT diagnose anything. Only doctors are allowed to make diagnoses. Sometimes the reflexologist might encourage you to visit your GP if you are feeling unwell, but they will never diagnose a condition. 

You may find that at the end of your treatment your reflexologist might ask you if you’ve been experiencing any concerns in a particular area especially if we find a reflex feels particularly crunchy, fizzy or out of balance. Sometimes we pick up on things (often tension in shoulder reflexes or crunchiness in the spine or neck reflexes) but then most people carry some tension in their upper back, neck and shoulders.

Reflexology Myth Reflexology does not tickle

Reflexology Myth 3.  “Reflexology tickles!”


Reflexology should not tickle. A firm pressure is used so you wouldn’t expect to have the tickly sensation you’d associated with having your feet tickled.

I’ve yet to come across anyone who has feet so ticklish that they cannot have a reflexology treatment. I am trained in a lot of other treatments so in the unlikely event of you having feet that are too ticklish for reflexology I can offer you one of my other treatments instead.

Reflexology Myth 4. “I have hard skin so I can’t have a reflexology treatment”


Having hard skin doesn’t affect your ability to have a treatment. Often where hard skin forms you find that there is an area that is either a little out of balance or in need of extra attention. A firmer pressure may be needed over the hard skin but that in itself won’t prevent you being able to have a treatment.


Reflexology Myth 5. “Reflexology is just a foot massage, right?”


Wrong! Whilst reflexology does include some massage techniques to warm up the muscles and relax you, the actual reflexology treatment relies on using systematic pressure on the feet which helps bring the body back into balance. It generally feels very relaxing and calming. It is way more than ‘just’ a foot massage.

Reflexology is not an alternative therapy

Reflexology Myth 6. “Reflexology is an alternative therapy.”


Reflexology is a Complementary Therapy NOT an alternative therapy. It works hand in hand with other treatment you might be receiving from the GP or your specialist at the hospital. You would keep taking your medication and treatment and have Reflexology to support you. Reflexology is great for rebalancing and recharging you and making you feel better but it is NOT a replacement for medical advice

Reflexology myth firm pressure is better than light pressure

Reflexology Myth 7. “Hard pressure is better than light pressure”

Myth! It seems that both ways work equally well, and it really is a matter of taste. If you find that the pressure you’re receiving isn’t right for you please do say something during the treatment so that it can be adjusted to the right level. 

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Virtual Reflexology

Virtual Reflexology

Virtual Reflexology

What is it and does it work?

Virtual or Distance Reflexology is where you do reflexology from a distance, either using visualisation, your own feet or something else as surrogate (such as a teddy) The recipient lies down somewhere comfortable and relaxes whilst the treatment happens.

My initial thoughts on virtual reflexology

When I first heard of Virtual Reflexology I was skeptical. Didn’t you need to be there in person to give and receive Reflexology? Reflexology by its very nature is normally very much a hands on treatment. That said, reflexology does have an element of energy healing and I know that we’re all interconnected energetically. The more I heard about virtual reflexology the more intrigued I got. I thought the best way to find out whether something works or not would be to give it a go and see for myself.


Results from other reflexologists were positive

Other reflexologists offering it had been having great results, despite some of them not being on the same continent. So when I was given the opportunity to try it for myself I jumped at the chance.

I figured that I was really missing having reflexology treatments and couldn’t have one for the forseeable future and the worst that could happen would be that I felt nothing and I’d have enjoyed half an hour locked away in a darkened room listening to calming music on my own massage couch!

The Treatment

In preparation for the treatment I sent photographs of my feet to Brenda the reflexologist who was doing my treatment. We agreed a day and a time. Ten minutes before my treatment I popped to the loo, had a glass of water, turned on my soft music and climbed on my couch. I’d not had chance to use my massage couch since I bought it just before lockdown (and it’s always useful to see as a client how your own couch feels). So I snuggled under my own blanket and settled back for my treatment.

What I felt

At first I felt my feet tingle a little bit (but in a good way) then it felt like someone was holding both feet. If you’ve ever experienced reiki or distance reiki it felt a bit like that. The feeling you get when someone is hovering their hands over your feet. It felt safe, warm, very calming.

I couldn’t feel any specific pressure like I would normally do with a hands-on reflexology treatment, apart from at one point when I felt a very similar sensation to having my spine reflex worked on. (To those of you who are not trained in reflexology this is the inner edge of the foot from the tip of the toe to the heel) My knee also twinged at one point (it felt positive, like energy was shifting from the tip of my toe to my hip) At one point in my treatment I got a vivid picture in my minds eye of a lampost. It reminded me of the time I was so busy reading a letter whilst walking down the street that I walked into a lampost. Maybe there’s some message in that somewhere!

What I saw

The virtual reflexology treatment took about 30 mins. Towards the end of the treatment I got a sense that it was the end of the treatment (I saw in my minds eye a picture not dissimilar to the ‘meetings ended by host’ notification that you get when you end a zoom call. ) and the feeling of someone holding my feet went.

Brenda and I had a chat after the treatment had ended, I felt that I needed a cup of tea so quickly went and got one before speaking to Brenda about what we’d both experienced.

The Results

This afternoon following the treatment I felt exactly how I normally do after a hands-on treatment, as well as needing an afternoon nap and feeling unusually peckish. I also got a little emotional as I was walking round the supermarket.

I really enjoyed my treatment and am looking forward to experiencing it from the other end of the couch next week.


Have you tried Virtual Reflexology? If so what did you think?

Please leave me a reply in the comments below.

Reflexology Aftercare Advice

Reflexology Aftercare Advice

Reflexology Aftercare Advice

Here is some simple aftercare advice to use after your reflexology treatment. This will maximise the effects of your treatment and minimise the potential for a healing response

Stay Hydrated

After your reflexology treatment it is vital to stay hydrated. The best way to do this would be to sip some mineral water throughout the day or drink herbal teas or light fruit juices. Try not to glug it down quickly. It seems to work better if you sip it. If you don’t like water so much, try adding a slice of lime or lemon (or both) to it.

Avoid Stimulants

Avoid stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs and enjoy a quiet afternoon if you can.

Enjoy a light diet

Enjoy a light diet for the rest of the day, avoiding spicy foods or anything too greasy that may put extra strain on your digestive system. A simple, nourishing soup or a piece of lightly poached fish and rice would be perfect after a treatment.

Rest as much as you can

Ideally you would book your reflexology treatment on a day when you don’t have to dash anywhere afterwards.

Read a book, listen to soft music, go for a stroll

It helps if you can spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying some peace and quiet, maybe reading a book or magazine, or listening to calming music. Have a gentle stroll after dinner, or sit in the garden if the weather is nice.


Keep a journal or diary

It might help to keep a journal or diary, noting down how you felt after treatment and if there is anything that came up for you after the treatment.

Whatever comes up for you, let it out. Don’t try to bottle it or keep it down, just let it pour out. Get it down on paper to release it

Emotional things you might feel after a treatment

Sometimes you can feel emotional, irritable or a weepy after a treatment, or suddenly burst into fits of uncontrollable giggles.

These are all normal but it’s worth noting down how you feel, especially if your next appointment is a month away! I ask how you were after your previous treatment when you have your next treatment and it’s so easy to forget these things if you don’t write them down.


wrapped up in a blanket

Physical things you might notice after your treatment

Hopefully you will feel better after your treatment!

However sometimes you find that you feel a range of other things after your treatment.

You might notice that you need to use the loo more one way or the other, you might need to go more urgently, or notice a change in the consistency of your faeces. You might feel light headed or headachey

You might have mild flu-like symptoms or notice that whatever pain or symptom you came to your appointment with suddenly gets worse. Usually if this happens it will equally suddenly get a lot better too.

Usually these kinds of symptoms pass in 24-48 hours and are generally not very severe. However if they are severe or last longer than 48 hours please do contact your medical team and seek medical advice.

If you do experience any of these symptoms it normally helps to sip more water and be gentle to yourself, resting quietly if possible. 

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