Sarah Cooper Reflexologist 2023

Hello!  I’m Sarah Cooper

I’m a Reflexologist and Reiki Master Practitioner based in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire.

I’ve been qualified in Reflexology since 2010 and Reiki since 2011 although I didn’t start my therapy business properly until 2017.

A treasure chest of treatments to choose from

I have done a number of additional qualifications including

  • Complementary Therapies which includes Reflexology, Massage and Aromatherapy massage

  • Crystal Healing,
  • Hot Stones Massage,
  • Beauty Facial
  • Indian Head Massage


    So I have a treasure chest of tools in my therapy tool box to draw from.

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People often describe me as:




 Down to Earth






Reflexology worked for me!

I’ve always been fascinated by healing and looking for things that will help people feel better.

As a teenager, my friends mum introduced me to reflexology. I couldn’t believe how much difference it made ‘just’ having someone rub my feet in a specific way.

Reiki made a huge difference to me too

When I was going through a tough patch in my life one of my friends told me I should go for a Reiki treatment and I found that to be enormously helpful (despite me not really being able to explain how having someone wave their hands over me could possibly make such a difference!)

All I knew was that it DID make me feel better, even if I couldn’t quite explain why!

Angel incense and amethyst

What I want for you

I’d love to be part of helping you feel better than you do now. I aim to create a warm, supportive environment for you to totally relax and unwind. Where you feel safe, nurtured and understood. Where you don’t have to do anything apart from relax.

A safe place for you to simply shut your eyes and totally chill out.

A space for you to be able to let go of your worries and tension, even if it’s just for the hour or so that we spend together.

Stress and tension create so many challenges for the body and the mind.

Feeling totally relaxed can help you feel more able to cope with whatever life throws at you. It’s like it resets your settings back to how they should be.

If you’d like to find out how my treatments may help you feel better please give me a call on 07720397734 

What I do when I’m not doing Reflexology!


photography I love taking photographs, normally of flowers and nature (and objects that are beautiful in their own right despite some people labelling them as ‘ugly’)

My son and I have spent many a happy hour at local National Trust Properties taking photos before popping to the coffee shop for a pot of tea and a scone.

Writing for Pleasure

computerI love writing. When I’m not doing Reflexology and Reiki I love nothing more than doing some writing. Hearing the click-click-click of my keys as I type.

I normally have my himalyan salt lamp on at my desk and a pot of tea or coffee on the go and some soft music on in the background.


booksMy main guilty pleasure is reading Crime Fiction. These days I’ve taken to reading them on my iPad via the Kindle or Libby app.

I love being able to prop my ipad up on a pillow and just flick through the pages. I love the intellectual challenge of figuring out whodunnit..!

Drinking Coffee

coffeeI do try to love herbal teas but to be honest, I don’t. I prefer coffee!

I always feel a bit bad being a fully paid up coffee drinker (don’t  ‘proper’ Reflexologists only drink herbal tea?!)

But I look at it like this, you are who you are, you like what you like. And I like my cafetiere of coffee on a morning.

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