Reflexology Aftercare Advice

Reflexology Aftercare Advice

Reflexology Aftercare Advice

Here is some simple aftercare advice to use after your reflexology treatment. This will maximise the effects of your treatment and minimise the potential for a healing response

Stay Hydrated

After your reflexology treatment it is vital to stay hydrated. The best way to do this would be to sip some mineral water throughout the day or drink herbal teas or light fruit juices. Try not to glug it down quickly. It seems to work better if you sip it. If you don’t like water so much, try adding a slice of lime or lemon (or both) to it.

Avoid Stimulants

Avoid stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs and enjoy a quiet afternoon if you can.

Enjoy a light diet

Enjoy a light diet for the rest of the day, avoiding spicy foods or anything too greasy that may put extra strain on your digestive system. A simple, nourishing soup or a piece of lightly poached fish and rice would be perfect after a treatment.

Rest as much as you can

Ideally you would book your reflexology treatment on a day when you don’t have to dash anywhere afterwards.

Read a book, listen to soft music, go for a stroll

It helps if you can spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying some peace and quiet, maybe reading a book or magazine, or listening to calming music. Have a gentle stroll after dinner, or sit in the garden if the weather is nice.


Keep a journal or diary

It might help to keep a journal or diary, noting down how you felt after treatment and if there is anything that came up for you after the treatment.

Whatever comes up for you, let it out. Don’t try to bottle it or keep it down, just let it pour out. Get it down on paper to release it

Emotional things you might feel after a treatment

Sometimes you can feel emotional, irritable or a weepy after a treatment, or suddenly burst into fits of uncontrollable giggles.

These are all normal but it’s worth noting down how you feel, especially if your next appointment is a month away! I ask how you were after your previous treatment when you have your next treatment and it’s so easy to forget these things if you don’t write them down.


wrapped up in a blanket

Physical things you might notice after your treatment

Hopefully you will feel better after your treatment!

However sometimes you find that you feel a range of other things after your treatment.

You might notice that you need to use the loo more one way or the other, you might need to go more urgently, or notice a change in the consistency of your faeces. You might feel light headed or headachey

You might have mild flu-like symptoms or notice that whatever pain or symptom you came to your appointment with suddenly gets worse. Usually if this happens it will equally suddenly get a lot better too.

Usually these kinds of symptoms pass in 24-48 hours and are generally not very severe. However if they are severe or last longer than 48 hours please do contact your medical team and seek medical advice.

If you do experience any of these symptoms it normally helps to sip more water and be gentle to yourself, resting quietly if possible. 

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