Reflexology Myth 1. Reflexology hurts

Myth! Reflexology should not hurt. Generally speaking the pressure should be at an acceptable level so it feels firm enough without being sore. You may experience a sore spot if an area is out of balance but this should be just tender rather than painful as such. If you are finding that the treatment is painful please please let your reflexologist know at the time so they can adjust the pressure to suit you. Never suffer in silence. Never wait until the end of a treatment to mention that you need a different pressure. Generally the reflexologist will ask you if the pressure is at the right level, although if they see that you seem to be comfortable (or asleep!) they won’t keep asking you. There’s nothing more annoying than being asked every 43 seconds if the pressure is ok when all you want to do is shut your eyes and let the world float by!

Reflexology Myth 2. Reflexology can diagnose illnesses

Myth! Reflexology can often highlight an area that seems to be out of balance but it does NOT diagnose anything. Only doctors are allowed to make diagnoses. Sometimes the reflexologist might encourage you to visit your GP if you are feeling unwell, but they will never diagnose a condition

Reflexology Myth 3.  Reflexology tickles

Reflexology should not tickle. A firm pressure is used so you wouldn’t expect to have the tickly sensation you’d associated with having your feet tickled. I’ve yet to come across anyone who has feet so ticklish that they cannot have a reflexology treatment. I am trained in a lot of other treatments so in the unlikely event of you having feet that are too ticklish for reflexology I can offer you one of my other treatments instead.

Reflexology Myth 4. I have hard skin so I can’t have a reflexology treatment

Myth! Having hard skin doesn’t affect your ability to have a treatment. Often where hard skin forms you find that there is an area that is either a little out of balance or in need of extra attention. A firmer pressure may be needed over the hard skin but that in itself won’t prevent you being able to have a treatment.

Reflexology Myth 5. Reflexology is just a foot massage, right?

Myth! Wrong! Whilst reflexology does include some massage techniques to warm up the muscles and relax you, the actual reflexology treatment relies on using systematic pressure on the feet which helps bring the body back into balance. It generally feels very relaxing and calming. It is way more than ‘just’ a foot massage

Reflexolgy Myth 6. Reflexology is an alternative therapy. 

Myth! Reflexology is a Complementary Therapy. It works hand in hand with other treatment you might be receiving from the GP or your specialist at the hospital. You would keep taking your medication and treatment and have Reflexology to support you. Reflexology is great for rebalancing and recharging you and making you feel better but it is NOT a replacement for medical advice

Reflexology Myth 7. Hard pressure is better than light pressure

Myth! It seems that both ways work equally well, and it really is a matter of taste. If you find that the pressure you’re receiving isn’t right for you please do say something during the treatment so that it can be adjusted to the right level.


Reflexology Myths Busted