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Reflexology aims to bring the body back into balance by using a systematic (gentle but firm) pressure on specific points on the feet to remove energy blockages.

This is combined with a foot and lower leg massage and is usually deeply relaxing. It has an all-over body effect without you having to remove anything but your shoes and socks!

Reflexology can help to

  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Reduce stress,
  • Improve your overall sense of wellbeing,
  • Release tension,
  • Calm anxiety
  • Lift low mood

Single Session £40

3 treatments £110 (saving £10)

6 treatments for £220 (saving £20)

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology is suitable throughout pregnancy (although you may prefer to wait until 13 weeks+)

Having reflexology in pregnancy can help relax you and offer you some time out for yourself.

It can help with symptoms of pregnancy including calming morning sickness, reducing anxiety, helping relieve tension held in your back and shoulders, helping reduce heartburn etc as well as the benefits of regular reflexlogy.

It can be helpful to have reflexology every 3-4 weeks throughout your pregnancy.

From week 37 it is useful to have reflexology once or twice a week

Single Session £40

3 treatments £110 (saving £10)

6 treatments for £220 (saving £20)

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology uses the same principles as traditional foot reflexology.

Balancing and soothing away stress and tension by working on set points on the face.

It can be helpful for reducing stress, calming anxiety, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as improving your sense of wellbeing.

The treatment itself should take around 40-50 minutes but extra time should be allowed for the consultation and aftercare advice.

Reiki Hands off


(pronounced ‘ray-key’)

Reiki helps clear energetic blockages physically, mentally and emotionally.

Energy blockages can lead to pain and tension. Having regular Reiki Sessions can help to stop the energy blockages from forming and can help life to flow more freely.

Reiki harnesses the power of Source energy which is channeled through the therapist into the client.

It feels very much like the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you put your own hand on your knee when you’ve hurt yourself.

Reiki can be done ‘hands-on’ or ‘hands-off’ and is suitable for the shyest of clients as you don’t need to remove any clothing other than your footwear!

Single Session £40

3 treatments £110 (saving £10)

6 treatments for £220 (saving £20)

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Payment Methods

I prefer BACS payments (Bank Transfer) or Credit/Debit Card Payments

Alternatively you may pay online 

Payments are due on day of treatment please.

For packages of treatments. Payment is due on day of first treatment of package please

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Cancellation Policy

For non-emergency cancellations I require at least 24 hours notice please so I can potentially offer your slot to another client.

Non-emergency cancellations made within 24 hours of  the agreed appointment time will be invoiced at the full treatment price

Please give me as much notice as possible if you wish to cancel, change or postpone your treatment time.

Medical / Family / Emergency Cancellations and Cancellations due to Covid/ Self-isolation etc

If you are unwell, have been asked to self-isolate or have anyone in your home that is suffering from a potentially contagious illness please postpone your appointment. I will not charge a cancellation fee in the case of illness or emergency

Please call or text 07720397734 to change your appointment

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Initial Consulation

Initial Treatments If you have not had a treatment with me before I will need to take a full consultation and this may take approximately an additional 25 minutes.

If you prefer we can do this part in advance of your treatment via zoom or telephone.

Alternatively, I can email a form for you to fill in online.

I will need to ask you some medical and lifestyle questions so that I can tailor your treatment to suit your needs. It also ensures that you are safe to treat.

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Treatment Length

Treatments usually take approximately 60 mins from start to finish although I will need a little time either side to set up.

This includes time to catch up with how you’ve been since your last treatment, to find out how you’re feeling today and for you to pop your socks off and put them back on again (not exclusively hands-on treating time.)

Intitial treatments will take longer as we need to fill in the consultation form, unless this has been done ahead of your treatment via some other method (see above)

I would allow 75-90 mins for your appointment

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Hand Washing Facilities

Please have somewhere available for me to wash my hands before your treatment commences. 

I will bring with me a small towel and some liquid soap.

If this isn’t possible, I will use the hand sanitiser that I keep in my bag.

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Travel Charge

Please note prices are for the Boroughbridge, Ripon, Knaresborough and Surrounding Villages only within a 10 mile radius of Boroughbridge.

I am happy to travel to Boroughbridge, Kirby Hill, Langthorpe, Arkendale,  Marton-cum Grafton, Marton-le-Moor, Staveley, Minskip, Coneythorpe, Cundall, Helperby, Whixley, Ripon, Knaresborough, Skelton-on-Ure, Green Hammerton, Great Ouseburn, Little Ouseburn, Alne, etc


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