10 things Reflexologists would love you to know

things reflexologists would love you to know

1. We don’t care about leg hair!

It’s true! We genuinely don’t care if you’ve shaved your legs or not. In fact having some leg hair can be helpful as there is this wonderful relaxing c-tactile reflexology move which is very calming and you need leg hair for that! If you WANT to shave your legs before your appointment then fine, but definitely don’t worry if not! I don’t judge. 

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2. We ask lots of questions so we can help you! 

If you’ve ever been for a treatment you might have found that the therapist asks lots of questions about your health and lifestyle. This is so that we can give you the best possible treatment and understand what is going on for you. It is so we can treat you as a whole person not just ‘these feet’ (Like what happened to a relative of mine in a hospital!)

It also helps us ensure that you are well enough to have a treatment as some illnesses, conditions or medical treatments may make having Reflexology inadvisable. Whatever you tell us will be in complete confidence (unless you’re planning on harming yourself or another person or for some reason we are required by law to disclose this information)

The lifestyle questions can sometimes reveal truths that we’ve previously not acknowledged. I know when I first filled in a consultation form I realised that there were some parts of my lifestyle that needed to be improved on. 

3. We would never judge you.

When we ask you to answer questions about your lifestyle we are curious to know the honest answer. We would not judge you if you smoked 40 a day or drank a bottle or two of wine every night with dinner. We might lovingly suggest some changes to help you move towards needing less tobacco or alcohol but it would be from a place of support and non-judgement and only if you felt this was something you would like support with.  Wherever you are at the moment we will meet you there.

4. You don’t need a fresh pedicure or to remove all your hard skin before your appointment

Hard skin can often indicate where a reflex is out of balance. It can show that your body is attempting to protect itself. It can also show where footwear has been rubbing. We also aren’t bothered if you’ve not trimmed your toe nails or if your nail polish is a bit chipped! It’s absolutely fine if you do have a pedicure but please don’t delay coming for a treatment until your feet are ‘perfect’ I often hear people wistfully sigh before telling me that their feet look a mess! The only time we would be concerned is if your feet were very sore and cracked and showing signs of infection or if you had athletes foot. 

Reflexology does not diagnose

5. Changes take time!

Reflexology has a cumulative effect and changes (probably) aren’t going to happen overnight! What we can do is layer up the effects of the treatments by having regular treatments and taking smallish steps towards creating a nourishing and self-care centred lifestyle. There is no magic wand! Things take time, changes take time. It may take 6-8 treatments spaced relatively close together before you notice a difference

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6. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better

Reflexology is great for speeding up the process for rebalancing and healing. The body will sometimes spit things out that it no longer needs. You might find that your pain suddenly gets worse before lessening or vanishing completely. If you have the beginnings of a cold, you might find that reflexology helps bring on the symptoms so you might find that you have a terrible cold but for a short period of time before feeling much better. If you keep gently sipping water you should find you feel much better very soon.

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7. We’d like you to take some time out for yourself

This might mean putting your telephone onto silent (or even better switching it off) Obviously if you have small children and need to be contactable then that’s fine. But if you can spare an hour for yourself to switch off completely that would be amazing.

If you’d like to drift off into your own little world during the treatment then that’s fine. Equally if you need to talk then that’s fine too. This time is for you to use in a way that makes the most sense to you. Apart from asking you if the pressure is ok we won’t intitiate conversation. Don’t feel you have to be polite or stay awake, nor do you have to feel the need to fill the silence (unless you’d like to!)


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8. We don’t care if you fall asleep, end up ‘purring’ or pass wind! 

One thing that reflexologists get very excited about is clients falling into a deeply relaxed, calm state, either where they’ve drifted off or started gently snoring. As a number of my clients have sworn blind that they definitely weren’t asleep during the treatment (despite snoring indicating the contrary!) I’ve started to refer to snoring as purring. We also get very excited when clients pass wind, especially if we are working on the bowel reflex at the time! Just don’t worry about it. Do what you have to do! Honestly.

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9. We need access to your feet and lower legs

Please come for your treatment wearing loose legged trousers or leggings. We need to access the whole lower legs and feet for the treatment. Please avoid wearing tights where possible. If you are having an evening, at-home appointment please feel free to pop your pyjamas on for your treatment so you can float off to bed once I’ve gone.

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10. Testimonials are welcomed by us! They’re what keeps small businesses afloat.

If you’ve enjoyed your treatment would you please consider leaving a Facebook and/or Google review? Small businesses rely on recommendations of other clients to show that they’re a reputable business. It provides reassurance to potential new clients who may feel nervous of booking. My Reviews page is here 

You’ll find the links you need on there.

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