How to choose a good Reflexologist

How to choose a good Reflexologist

 Things to consider when choosing a good Reflexologist

 A good reflexologist will be well trained, insured, take regular CPD (additional training to make them a better therapist) and be a good listener. They also need to be adaptable, intuitive and be able to think on their feet. They need to be understanding and kind as well as approachable.

Where do you start looking for a good reflexologist?

Firstly I’d ask amongst friends. They might go to a reflexologist in your area or might have heard great things about one of their friend’s reflexologists. 

If they don’t know of anyone, try looking on a professional register. For Reflexology the Association of Reflexologists Find a Reflexologist Search is a good place to start.


Do they have membership of a Professional Organisation?

Being a member of a professional organisation ensures that the therapist has to keep updating their skills and knowledge so that year on year they become a better therapist.

They also have to agree to abide by a code of conduct and be of good character. Look out for people with initials like M.A.R or M.F.H.T or MCThA after their names. 

This means that they have got a membership of a professional organisation and have had to prove that they are fully qualified and insured in order to join.

Some of the health insurance companies will give you a refund on your treatment fee if the therapist is a member of a professional organisation. It is worth checking with your insurance if this is the case and if so which associations they are looking for. 

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Are they on a professional register or in a Find a Reflexologist Search? 

The Association of Reflexologists have a Find a Reflexologist facility (which will bring up a list of the members in your area) Here is my listing 

Word of Mouth

If you have friends in the local area, ask for recommendations. A friend may have already found a great Reflexologist. It would be worth giving them a call and seeing if they’re right for you. 

Check out Reviews both on Google or Facebook.

Good therapists tend to get Reviews on either Google My Business or on their Facebook Page. Check these out to see if you can get a feel for how the therapist operates and what sort of  person they are. Here is my Reviews Page


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Check out their Social Media and Website, Read their Blog Posts

It can help to get a feel for what kind of person the therapist is by checking out their social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. If they have a mailing list maybe sign up to that, again so you can start the process of getting to know them. It’s important to get a sense of whether you’d get on on a personal level. 

Listen to your gut!

At the end of the day the most important thing is to listen to your gut feeling. You need to feel safe and comfortable in the presence of your therapist so it helps if you get to know them on some level before booking your appointment. I believe that the therapist you choose has to feel right. It may take a few different treatments with a few different therapists until you find the right one for you.

Good luck! Please let me know how you chose your therapist in the comments below.


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