Virtual Reflexology

Virtual Reflexology

Virtual Reflexology

What is it and does it work?

Virtual or Distance Reflexology is where you do reflexology from a distance, either using visualisation, your own feet or something else as surrogate (such as a teddy) The recipient lies down somewhere comfortable and relaxes whilst the treatment happens.

My initial thoughts on virtual reflexology

When I first heard of Virtual Reflexology I was skeptical. Didn’t you need to be there in person to give and receive Reflexology? Reflexology by its very nature is normally very much a hands on treatment. That said, reflexology does have an element of energy healing and I know that we’re all interconnected energetically. The more I heard about virtual reflexology the more intrigued I got. I thought the best way to find out whether something works or not would be to give it a go and see for myself.


Results from other reflexologists were positive

Other reflexologists offering it had been having great results, despite some of them not being on the same continent. So when I was given the opportunity to try it for myself I jumped at the chance.

I figured that I was really missing having reflexology treatments and couldn’t have one for the forseeable future and the worst that could happen would be that I felt nothing and I’d have enjoyed half an hour locked away in a darkened room listening to calming music on my own massage couch!

The Treatment

In preparation for the treatment I sent photographs of my feet to Brenda the reflexologist who was doing my treatment. We agreed a day and a time. Ten minutes before my treatment I popped to the loo, had a glass of water, turned on my soft music and climbed on my couch. I’d not had chance to use my massage couch since I bought it just before lockdown (and it’s always useful to see as a client how your own couch feels). So I snuggled under my own blanket and settled back for my treatment.

What I felt

At first I felt my feet tingle a little bit (but in a good way) then it felt like someone was holding both feet. If you’ve ever experienced reiki or distance reiki it felt a bit like that. The feeling you get when someone is hovering their hands over your feet. It felt safe, warm, very calming.

I couldn’t feel any specific pressure like I would normally do with a hands-on reflexology treatment, apart from at one point when I felt a very similar sensation to having my spine reflex worked on. (To those of you who are not trained in reflexology this is the inner edge of the foot from the tip of the toe to the heel) My knee also twinged at one point (it felt positive, like energy was shifting from the tip of my toe to my hip) At one point in my treatment I got a vivid picture in my minds eye of a lampost. It reminded me of the time I was so busy reading a letter whilst walking down the street that I walked into a lampost. Maybe there’s some message in that somewhere!

What I saw

The virtual reflexology treatment took about 30 mins. Towards the end of the treatment I got a sense that it was the end of the treatment (I saw in my minds eye a picture not dissimilar to the ‘meetings ended by host’ notification that you get when you end a zoom call. ) and the feeling of someone holding my feet went.

Brenda and I had a chat after the treatment had ended, I felt that I needed a cup of tea so quickly went and got one before speaking to Brenda about what we’d both experienced.

The Results

This afternoon following the treatment I felt exactly how I normally do after a hands-on treatment, as well as needing an afternoon nap and feeling unusually peckish. I also got a little emotional as I was walking round the supermarket.

I really enjoyed my treatment and am looking forward to experiencing it from the other end of the couch next week.


Have you tried Virtual Reflexology? If so what did you think?

Please leave me a reply in the comments below.

Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper

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