Great Ways to Cleanse your Crystals

Great Ways to Cleanse your Crystals

How to cleanse your crystals

There are various ways to cleanse crystals. As some crystals are not suitable for putting into water for any length of time I tend to cleanse mine by either holding them over incense (carefully, without burning myself in the process!) by using sound via my singing bowl or tingsha bells or by channeling light energy and visualising the old, stagnant, negative energy flowing out of the crystal and away. As I am attuned to Reiki I could also use that to cleanse and charge my crystals. Some people put their crystals on top of a crystal cluster to cleanse and leave them there for 24-48 hours.

I find using sound and visualisation very powerful (and not as messy as some of the other methods!). It’s really a matter of finding out what works for you, and using the power of intention to visualise the negative energy flowing out of the crystal, being replaced with positivity.

If you have crystals that will tolerate water (so NOT selenite for instance) you could also use salt water to soak them in overnight. In the morning, wash away the salt water and lay on a soft cloth to dry off. Always double check if your crystal likes water before putting it in salty water for any length of time.

When to cleanse your crystals

Crystals should be cleansed regulary as they tend to pick up on emotional and negative energy and you don’t want to pick up on that whilst you’re using them. It is sensible to cleanse your crystals once you get them home and if you’ve not used them for a while.

It is especially important to cleanse them immediately before and after performing any crystal healing work. Some people choose to cleanse their crystals using moonlight during the full moon or the calmness of the lack of moonlight around the time of the new moon.

Over to you! 

How do you cleanse your crystals? Do you have a favourite method or does it depend on the crystal? Please leave me a comment in the box below

How to choose crystals

How to choose crystals

How to choose crystals

The best way to choose crystals is to use your intution. Usually you will instinctively know what crystal to choose.  

Let your intuition guide you to the ‘right’ one..

Have you ever been in a crystal shop and found yourself almost instantly drawn to a specific crystal? One that seems to be just sitting there, waiting for you to decide to take it home, almost like it’s chosen you and not the other way round? You’re not alone! I’ve often let my intuition guide me to the crystal that I’m most drawn to, even if I’ve never come across that particular crystal before. 

When I get it to the till and they give me the little card which tells me what it’s for or what it does, it completely resonates with me. It’s almost like the perfect crystal has chosen me. 

No, I haven’t gone mad, try it for yourself next time you’re in a crystal shop and see if you can see what I mean! 

Hold it, does it ‘feel right’? How do you feel holding it?

Once you’ve picked a crystal that has drawn your eye, pick it up and hold it. Does it feel warm and welcoming? Crystals often feel warm or even hot to the touch when they’re the right crystal for you. If they feel unwelcoming or cold to the touch, maybe choose something else. 

Look it up in the book! 

There are several good books on the market which tell you what each crystal is useful for. If you have a specific reason to buy a crystal like for instance you’re anxious or not able to sleep very well looking in a book like Judy Hall’s ‘The Crystal Bible’ may signpost you in the direction of one or more crystals that might help.  

Choosing crystals online

If you’re wanting to buy crystals online this is fine and a reputable crystal retailer will be able to help guide you to the right choice. If you’re lucky they will be able to use their intuition to get the perfect crystal for you, in a similar way to if you were there in person. Sometimes retailers will show photographs of specifc crystals (and again you might find you’re drawn to a particular photo, which is usually a fairly good indicator of it being the right crystal for you!) I would avoid buying crystals off big, generic suppliers unless they’re handpicked with care.

Speak to the retailer, they’re the experts! 

Most of them want what’s best for you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help choosing as they are usually a fountain of knowledge about crystals and their uses. 


Over to you! 

How do you choose your crystals? Do you let your intuition guide you or do you pick them for their qualities or do they pick you? Please let me know in the comments below

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