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What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a gentle but powerful healing modality which originated in Japan. It is useful for body, mind and spirit and is suitable for the shyest of clients as no clothes need to be removed other than your shoes or boots. 

It works on the principle that we all have within us life force energy and when this flows freely we feel well and when it gets blocked or stagnated we suffer pain or feel ill. Reiki aims to help keep the life force energy or ‘chi’ flowing easily.

Reiki can be sent to the past to help heal the way we respond and feel about things that have already happened and can be sent to the future. Whilst it cannot change anything that has happened nor make anything happen the way we would like it to happen, it can help to heal the way we feel about it. Reiki always aims to work for your highest good. 

If you have had a traumatic relationship or an unhappy childhood we can send reiki to that time to help it heal. 

Reiki is safe and suitable for just about everyone and can also be sent to animals, plants, people, countries, groups etc.

Benefits of Reiki: can help with

  • Inducing a sense of deep relaxation
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Increasing sense of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Calming body mind and spirit
  • Reducing emotional stress
  • Releasing tension in body and unwinding tired minds
  • Being calm and supportive during pregnancy
  • Providing support and comfort when life is a challenge

What happens during a Reiki Treatment?

After the consultation I’ll ask you to take your shoes/boots off and to lie down on the couch. I’ll tuck you up under a blanket if you would like (it’s optional, some people like it for the comfort and warmth) I’ll then connect with the reiki energy and place my hands on or over your shoulders. I will then work my way down the body holding my hands over or on set postitions (Usually shoulders, head, over throat and heart chakras, then holding on arms, legs, knees, finishing with the feet) 

Once I have finished I will give a little ding to my tingsha bells (or my singing bowl) or give your feet a gentle squeeze. Once I’m done you can relax for a few minutes whilst you ‘come back into the room’ and then you can have a glass of water. 

I’ll then advise you to take some time for yourself for the rest of the day and to drink plenty of water along with the other aftercare advice) Reiki usually feels deeply relaxing and you might fall asleep. During the treatment you will probably feel warmth or heat coming from my hands, this is very normal.

 It can feel a bit like that warm feeling you get when you put your hand on your knee when you’ve grazed it. (In a good way!) 

Sarah Cooper MAR

Sarah Cooper MAR

Reflexologist, Boroughbridge YO51

I offer Reflexology and Reiki Home Visits in the Boroughbridge area. I am happy to travel up to a 10 mile radius of Boroughbridge.

I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists and am fully qualified and insured.

You can read a full list of my qualifications here.

If you would like to learn more about me please read my About Me page

I'd love to hear from you!

Please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat or to book by either calling me on 07720397734 or emailing me on info@sarahcooper.co.uk


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