What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage as its name suggests is a massage originally from India which focuses attention on the head.

Traditionally in India women would use oils and massage as a way of keeping their hair strong and in good condition whereas men would have some form of head massage when they visited the barbers.

Indian Head Massage as we know it today was introduced to the UK by Narendra Mehta in the 1970s when he came over to England to study and realised that over here, massage was only offered on the body not the scalp.

Indian Head Massage is very versatile and can be done either seated on a chair or laying on a massage couch.

If you prefer it can be done with oils or if you have an important event afterwards or are taking public transport home you can have it without oils.

Where no oils are being used there is no need to remove any clothes as it can be done fully clothed. Although you may wish to pop your shoes off.

Indian Head Massage Man

What does Indian Head Massage Involve?

Indian Head Massage not only includes massage to the head and scalp, but also the neck, shoulders, upper back and face. as well as rebalancing the upper three chakras.

If you find that you’ve been carrying tension in your upper back, neck and shoulders, Indian Head Massage should help release that by kneading the muscles.

The face massage helps bring nutrients to the surface as well as improve lymphatic drainage. reduce muscle tension, especially in your jaw. This will help to improve the appearance of your skin and may relieve headaches and migraines

Indian Head Massage face

Ready to Book an Appointment?

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Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper

I am a Reflexologist, Reiki Master Practitioner and Writer from Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. I love writing about Health and Wellbeing, Mind Body Spirit and Reflexology. When I’m not at work, you can find me in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

If you’d like to book a treatment please go to https://www.sarahcooper.co.uk/book


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