Uses and Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

What is Rose essential oil and how do you use it?

Rose essential oil is a delicate floral essential oil made from rose petals. As it takes a comparatively huge amount of rose petals, carefully collected and processed at the perfect time of day, rose essential oil is one of the more expensive essential oils, usually being sold 2.5 mls at a time.

Fortunately a little goes a long way with it so adding just one or two drops to a blend is often enough.


How to choose Rose Essential Oil

When choosing rose essential oil double check whether it has been mixed with a carrier oil. Often to make it cheaper they mix it with a carrier oil like sweet almond or jojoba.

Ideally you want one that is just pure rose essential oil with nothing else added.

It should give the botanical name of ‘rosa damascena’ on the bottle.

Avoid fragrance oils  – they are generally synthetic and do not have the same therapeutic properties.

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Uses and benefits of rose essential oil skin care. Image of woman with her hands on her face with a grey background

Benefits of Rose Essential Oil


Skin Care

Rose essential oil is a popular choice for skin care products. It is particularly good for mature skin, for helping eczema and for reducing the appearance of fine lines and broken capillaries.

It has anti-inflammatory properties so can help calm down any areas of redness. It also helps skin to maintain its natural elasticity. 

When mixed with a little rosehip carrier oil it can be helpful for improving the appearance of stretch marks. 

As it has antibacterial properties it may help clear up spots.

It is also helpful for healing sunburn and speeding up wound healing with its cicatriscant properties

Uses and benefits of rose essential oil. Helps womens problems. Image of young woman wearing a light coloured pair of trousers, clutching her stomach region

Rebalancing the Reproductive System

Rose essential oil may be helpful for rebalancing the reproductive system. Due to its antispasmodic properties it is great for relieving period pain.

It is also thought to be good for encouraging  sperm production, reducing symptoms of PMT, rebalancing menstrual cycles and reducing heavy, clotty periods whilst also encouraging missing periods to return. 

As many of you know, it is also thought to have aphrodisiac properties. It may also be helpful for improving impotence and frigidity with its relaxing properties.

rose essential oil helpful for balancing emotions. A pink background with lots of marshmallows with different expressions portraying different emotions

Rebalances Emotions

If your feathers feel a little ruffled, you’ve got low mood or you’re suffering from nervous tension, rose essential oil can help.

It helps improve feelings of positivity and is relaxing, so it can be good for calming feelings of jealousy, grief, anger and other emotional problems. It is a very supportive and nurturing essential oil.

rose essential oil good for digestive problems especially associated with nervous complaints

Good for calming the digestive system

Thought to have a calming effect on stomach cramps as well as potentially having a laxative effect. It is helpful to the digestive system, especially for easing digestive problems caused by nervous tension. 

rose essential oil blends well with other oils. Image of roses and some rose essential oil in a bottle

What to blend Rose Essential Oil with

Rose blends really well with Bergamot, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Geranium, Lavender, Neroli, Orange, Patchouli or Sandalwood. 

uses and benefits of rose essential oil safety information

Safety Information

Rose should not be used directly on the skin unless blended with a suitable carrier oil. 

Generally speaking rose should be no more than 1% dilution which is 1 drop of essential oil per 5 mls of carrier oil.

It may be advisable to avoid rose essential oil in pregnancy due to having emmenagogue properties. 


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