How to make a difference to your life in 5 simple steps

How to make a difference to your life in 5 simple steps

How to make a difference to your life on a budget and with minimum effort!

Do you find that you keep doing the same things over and over again, getting the same results? What if there were a few simple steps that you could take to make a difference to the way your life flows?  It could be that taking an hour or two out of your life today could help you save lots of time and money in the future! Here’s how! 

Firstly we need to think about what will make the biggest difference

Take a few minutes and decide what one thing you could change that would make the biggest difference in your life.  What one thing annoys you the most? Let’s call this the superficial problem. This is the problem that’s presenting itself to you in its rawest form.

It could be that you’re always late for work because you can’t find matching socks! Or it could be that you’re tired all the time because you’re not getting enough sleep. Or maybe you have clutter that you no longer need but you’re not sure what to do with? Maybe you don’t have time to sort out the laundry as you’re busy at work and too tired once you get home? Or it could be that you’re feeling burnt out due to never having a minute to yourself. Or you’re tired and stressed after work so relying heavily on takeaways and fast food as you’d don’t have energy to cook? Maybe you’re working from home from the dining table and your back is hurting after staring at a computer screen for 8 hours flat sitting on a hard dining chair? 


make a difference what is the main problem

Now we need to think of the bigger issue

We’ve looked at the superficial problem, the ‘what!’  Now we need to think about why it’s a problem? What can we do to solve it? 

Going back to the unmatched socks. Maybe the reason there are no socks to be seen is because there’s no specific place of them to live? Or creating a system of dealing with socks like having a basket for them to go in may sort the problem out. It could be that you need to buy 7 pairs of plain black socks for each family member so that everyone has a weeks worth of socks!

If you can’t sleep, think about what wakes you up on a night? Do you need to use the loo? If so consider having fewer drinks during the evening and cut back on caffeine and salty snacks. Or maybe you wake up feeling cold, hungry or too hot? These things need to be addressed in order for you to get a good nights sleep. Maybe someone is snoring or a light has been left on, causing you to wake in the night?

Maybe your head is spinning with thoughts, ideas and reruns of your day? If this is the case writing everything down in your diary or journal is a great way of offloading these things, allowing your brain to be able to switch off and rest.


Think of solutions to the problem

For this bit you may need to buy something, or speak to someone. You may need to ask for advice or book an appointment to see someone. There are often lots of different ways to solve the problem that you’ve highlighted. I invite you to be playful and creative finding a solution. Solutions can be fun!

If you find your mornings are fraught with finding things for the day ahead, try laying everything out the night before. Having a hook behind your door for your outfit can be helpful. Or create space in your hallway for your work bag and shoes. Create a space to keep your car keys and glasses if applicable so you’re not having to spend time looking for them! 

If necessary buy more storage so you have a home for everything. Also declutter if necessary so you can find things more easily!

Let go of anything you no longer need. Find the telephone number of local charities that collect big items or list things on your local online marketplace.

 If you’ve not got any energy towards the end of a busy day pop dinner into the slow cooker before you go out then you’ll come home to a hot meal with no extra effort needed on your part!

If you’re struggling with your at home office and your dining room really isn’t cutting the mustard, maybe investing in a desk chair or adjusting the height of your screen would help?

Evaluate the situation!

Once you’ve found a solution to the problem, it’s time to evaluate to see how well it’s working and if it’s managed to make a difference to your life! 

Has the solution you’ve put in place completely resolved the issue you were facing or do you need to do something else? If so what? It could be you need some labels so you can clearly see what is in your storage baskets or something else. 

Once you’re happy with the solution to the problem you can think about what other things are causing problems for you right now and start the process again!


What now?

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How to create the life you want

How to create the life you want

Before doing anything it would be a good idea to take a few deep breaths, to really connect back with yourself and your own intuition and to think about what you truly want. It’s important to listen for that little inner voice who knows what you want and what you need. You may be surprised by what comes up for you. But go with it. You will instinctively know, deep down, what it is that you need. How you’d love your dream life be.

Take stock of your current life.

Take a few minutes to think about what you like doing, what is working well and what you’d like to do more of.

This could be something like you’d like to work from home one day a week, or have a later start. Or it could be that you’d like to travel more or have more time for friends, family and hobbies.

Maybe you’d like to find a volunteering role at an animal sanctuary, or change career to one that helps more people. It could be getting a monthly massage or hiring a cleaner. There really are no rights and wrongs here. It’s just about figuring out what you need then finding a way of making it reality.

If you’re not used to working instinctively maybe get a piece of paper and a pen and write down the first thing that comes into your head. That’s what your instinct is telling you.

Artist at work

What would you like to do less of?

 There are chores that we’d rather not do and meetings that we’d rather miss. (Maybe, dare I say it, friends that we’d rather not see!) I challenge you to think about what is on your ‘I’d rather not, thanks’ list and then find ways of dodging these things, permenantly wherever possible. 

It could be you need to buy a dishwasher if you hate washing up (or marry someone who does like washing up!) or buy a chest freezer if you hate going to the shops frequently. Or maybe doing online grocery orders, or to get your local farm shop to deliver a fruit and veg box once a week so you’re not having to battle with the crowds.

Clearly visualise the life you want

Take a moment to really picture in close detail exactly how you’d like your life to be, from getting up in the morning to going to work, cooking dinner and how you’d spend the evening. Imagine the log fire you’d like to curl up next to, the dog at your feet. Imagine the dinner you would eat, what your bedroom looks like, what car you’d like to drive. Picture everything in minute detail. Imagine you living your dream life.

The more clearly you can visualise this, the more likely you are to make this turn into reality. Once you have a clear picture of what you’d like your life to look like in your head, take steps towards making it happen. Magnetise yourself so that you accept things that take you closer to the life you want, and repel anything that doesn’t.


Consider how near you are to creating the life you want?

When I first thought about my ideal life I realised that actually it wasn’t so different to my current life. The main changes that I’d like were to form a daily yoga practice, to get paid handsomely for my writing and to make more soup. Maybe with an occasional visit to France for some nice vin et fromage thrown in for good measure.

Whilst some people’s dream lives may be way more glamorous than that, for me having my dream life isn’t a huge distance away! It could be that your dream life is only a few simple lifestyle tweaks away too.

Goal Map how you’re going to create the life you want

What do you need to do to get the life you need? It may be that you need to retrain to get some extra skills to land your dream job. Or it could be that you need to get some work experience in that sector first. It could be creating systems at home that work more effciently, or working more hours over fewer days thus having more days a week off. Or it could be buying something that saves time or money to make your life generally easier. 


Create new behaviour patterns to take you nearer the life you want.

Sometimes we need to create new habits or patterns of behaviour to support the life that we want. If you always come in and switch the tv on after work, then find yourself slumped in a heap four hours later after rewatching that box set for the third time, you may need to create a new behaviour to help you reach out for the life you want.

If, like me, you want to write and get published, it would be helpful to actually get your bottom near your desk with your hands near the computer keyboard! If you want to get fit, going for a walk at lunchtime, or to the gym after work would be more beneficial than slouching on the sofa!

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Take small steps to create the life you want

This may mean getting out of your comfort zone, doing something different to what you normally do or facing your fears. This in itself can be really scary but as you reach out of your comfort zone your comfort zone will start to expand and what scares you today will be second nature in a few weeks or months. So keep at it! 

Cancellation Policy

Reassess your life goals every so often

It is good to reassess life goals every so often as they can change, our priorities can change as can we! I remember at one point in my life wanting to have a vast library of books and wall to ceiling bookshelves in every room.

Now I prefer to use my iPad to read from and can’t think of anything worse than having thousands of books hovering around!

At another point in my life I craved having someone serve me cocktails under a palm tree on a desert island and then my three children arrived (more or less all at once) and then my dream was to have an entire cup of tea which was still hot and a trip to the loo on my own in peace! 

What you want from life will naturally evolve as time goes on. Things will get added, others crossed off and that is fine! Go with the flow and keep on listening to your heart and you’ll be just fine! 

Over to you!

What does your dream life look like? Please leave me a message in the comments or feel free to email me on

The 5 am Club

The 5 am Club

The 5 am Club. Could you get up earlier to get things done?

Several authors have written about the benefits of getting up at some ungodly hour (usually 5 am!) The theory is if you get up early enough you will be able to do all those things you’d like to do before your normal day begins. 

You would have time to write in your journal, eat a healthy breakfast, go for a run or a swim, meditate maybe, do some yoga or make a start on that novel you’ve been telling everyone you’d like to write. 

Why do people join the 5 am club?

In the days where the telephone would only ring between 9 am and 5 pm this may well have been a very sensible suggestion. Having a clear space in which to just simply get on with things without interruptions from family members and the telephone is definitely a sensible idea. For some people it would be a fabulous idea. But I don’t think it will be the perfect answer for everyone as we are all different.

Biorhythms and your own Body Clock

Take into consideration your own personal biorhythms. Some of us are up with the larks and naturally very much a morning person, whereas others of us are definitely nocturnal by nature and the very thought of expecting a fully-fledged night-owl to get up at the crack of dawn is about as sensible as expecting your pet hamster to go to sleep during the night time. 

My key concentration time starts about 8 am after I’ve done the college drop off and I’ve stumbled blurry eyed back to my desk with a pot of fresh coffee. This is when I can focus the most and I get most done. But I dare say if I tried getting up at 5 am, I’d likely be slumped in a corner by 2 pm. Which is no good at all!  

Put yourself in the diary!

Scheduling in some time to do the things you love is a good idea. When you do this is up to you. If you fancy getting up at 5 am then great give it a go. If you don’t this is absolutely fine too. Write a list of the things that you’d like to do, but never quite seem to find time for. Then look at your diary and schedule those things in first. 

tuba practice is not suitable for the 5 am club

Word of Warning! Not all hobbies are suitable for the 5 am club

The only thing I would say is if you do decide to get up when other people are trying to sleep, be mindful of the type of activities you undertake. Tuba practice? No. Shredding old documents? No. Tap dancing? No. Practicing for your role in the local amateur operetta. Definitely not!

 Quiet activities certainly, but keep anything that’s likely to get you an Anti-Social Behaviour ticket for when everyone else is awake. 

Over to you

Could you get up at 5 am to get things done? DO you get up early to get things done? 

If you had an extra hour a day what would you do with it? Please leave me a comment in the comments box below 

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