10 Great ways to instantly raise your vibration

How to instantly raise your vibration

Have you ever felt low in energy, where you feel deeply sluggish but not necessarily on a physical level? Where you feel like you’re in a deep funk that you’re not sure how to get out of?

Low energy and feeling like you’re being dragged down can be examples of having a low vibration. There are lots of great ways of raising your vibration instantly. Here are some of my favourite ones.

Raising your vibration get do cleaning

1.) Fling open the windows, clean your mirrors and get rid of cobwebs

Simply opening the windows and letting some fresh air in can make all the difference. Cleaning all the mirrors in the house also seems to work as does removing cobwebs. Cobwebs seem to encourage energy to get stuck in the corners of the room so removing these can get the energy flowing freely again.

Raising your vibration

2.) Get rid of things that make you feel sad when you look at them

If you have items in your home that make you feel annoyed or sad when you see them (including things that are broken beyond repair and things you’ve been given as gifts that you don’t like) Get rid of them.

Your home needs to be a place of sanctuary and solace, not somewhere filled with things that upset you on sight. Donate, recycle or sell anything you no longer need.

raising your vibration sma

3.) Smudge your home (and yourself!)

Use a sage smudge stick or incense to smudge your environment. Sage is great for cleansing the air and helping to raise your vibration. Palo Santo is also very good. Always burn sage safely and ensure it has fully gone out after use.

raising your

4.) Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness

Focus on what you do have and the things you’re grateful for and you will instantly raise your vibration.  Mindfulness and Meditation are also great tools for raising your vibration. Some people find keeping a gratitude journal helpful where they write down three great things to be grateful for each day.

Raising your vibration make nice front door

5.) Make your front garden pretty

Raise your vibration by making your front garden a pleasure to come back to. If you feel pleasure as you come back up your drive you will find your vibration lifting easily. Fill your house full of leafy plants too. 

Raising your vibration practice stay well hydrated

6.) Keep hydrated and eat vibrant, colourful food

Keep your body well hydrated and eat colourful fruit and vegetables with as much variety as possible and the best quality you can afford. Avoid eating a lot of processed food as this will lower your vibration.

raising your vibration epsom s

7. Have an epsom salt foot bath

A quick and easy way to get rid of negativity is to have an epsom salt foot bath. Pour hot water into a foot spa or dedicated washing up bowl and swirl in a handful of epsom salts. Soak your feet for up to 20 minutes before patting dry with a towel.

Warning: Ensure you double-check with your pharmacist if you’re taking any medication or have any diagnosed disorders  before doing this as epsom salts are not suitable for everyone.  Epsom salts are NOT suitable during pregnancy

Raising your vibration books and magazines

8.) Surround yourself with positive things, books and people

Your diet isn’t just what you eat. Surround yourself with uplifting magazines, read inspiring books, listen to positive podcasts and spend time with people who are on a positive wavelength. 

Raising your vibration get rid of cobwebs

9.) Have a Reiki treatment

Reiki is a lovely treatment that helps you to deeply relax. It is good for removing negative energy and for helping you to raise your vibration. It helps remove any energy blockages you may have to helps get your energy levels flowing more freely again. Find out more about Reiki by clicking here. 

Raising your vibration positivity spray

10.) Make a Positivity Spray 

Create a positivity spray by adding some sea salt to a mug of boiling water and stirring in 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Stir well. When cooled pour into a sterile glass bottle and spray your room when needed. If you like you may add a tablespoonful of either vodka or gin to the mixture to help it keep longer.

Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper

I am a Reflexologist, Reiki Master Practitioner and Writer from Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. I love writing about Health and Wellbeing, Mind Body Spirit and Reflexology. When I’m not at work, you can find me in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

If you’d like to book a treatment please go to https://www.sarahcooper.co.uk/book

Sarah Cooper


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