Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram Essential Oil


  • Botanical Name: Origanum Marjorana
  • Plant Family: Labiatae
  • Note: Middle
  • Uses: Flowering Heads/ Leaves
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
  • Country of Origin: Libya, Egypt, Mediterranean, France
  • Significant Chemical Constituents: Borneol, Terpineol (alcohols) Camphor (ketone) Caryolphyllene (Sesquiterpene) Pinene, Sabine, Terpinene (Terpenes)

Marjoram Essential Oil  is a great all-round essential oil. It has a subtle, herby aroma and a wide array of therapeutic properties, making it a great oil to have in your aromatherapy kit!

Marjoram is often used in place of lavender essential oil as it comes from the same plant family, shares many common properties and doesn’t have that strong lavendery smell associated with lavender.  A lot of people seem to either love or hate lavender but don’t seem to have such a strong view on marjoram, thankfully! 

Using the leaves and flowering heads of the marjoram plant, the essential oil is made by steam distillation. 

marjoram essential oil

What are the main properties of Marjoram Essential oil?


Analgesic (Pain Relief)

Marjoram is wonderful for relieving pain, be it pain from aching joints, relieving muscle tension or easing headaches and migraines.  It is thought to be particularly good for back pain where there is tightness and tension in the lower back.

On the skin, it helps bruises heal quickly.


Marjoram has antispasmodic properties so is great for the digestion, especially for easing stomach cramps and indigestion.  It may be useful for irritable bowel syndrome to help stave off abdominal cramping. It also helps ease period cramps and is great after sport.


It can help ease constipation.

Warming and good for the circulation

Marjoram is great for getting the blood flowing, and this in turn helps the body feel warmer.  It also has relaxing properties which can help reduce high blood pressure.

Clearing for the Head and Respiratory System

If you have a stuffed up nose,  a cough, or need a clear head, marjoram is what you need. It helps ease congestion in the respiratory system and clears sinus build up as it has expectorant properties. It can be helpful for asthma and bronchitis alike.

Calming for the Nervous System

Marjoram essential oil is great in times of stress and grief. It is thought to help combat loneliness. It can be useful to help your body relax and aids a restful night sleep. Marjoram is especially good for insomniacs.

How to use Marjoram Essential Oil

The most beneficial methods for using marjoram are in a massage blend along with a suitable carrier oil or in the bath.

If using in a bath always mix with a teaspoonful of sunflower oil and mix carefully before swishing in the bath.

It can also be used in a steam inhalation by putting a couple of drops in a bowl of hot water, popping a towel or tea towel over your head to form a tent and inhaling for 10-15 mins.


Some books advise not using Marjoram oil if you suffer from low blood pressure but according to Tisserand and Young, Essential Oil Safety, second edition, page 346 there are no known hazards or contraindications to sweet marjoram.

It may be wise to avoid marjoram in pregnancy unless advised to its safe usage by a suitably qualified and experienced aromatherapist.

What does Marjoram Essential Oil Blend with?

Bergamot, Cedarwood Virginiana, Chamomile, Cypress, Lavender, Mandarin, Orange, Nutmeg, Rosemary, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang. It will also blend well with the other herby essential oils.

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