Look after your legs

Look after your legs

Taking care of our legs is vital. There are lots of ways that we can help our legs stay in tip-top condition.

Keep the blood flowing.. Move your feet!

Keeping the blood flowing nicely is really important to leg health. If you spend most of your time sitting at your desk, try getting up and moving around as often as possible. If you’re not able to for some reason, doing some foot rotations under your desk or at least flexing and rotating your ankles will help. Dancing whilst the kettle boils will also help your mood and your circulation. Just keep moving!

Getting the balance right

Try not to stand up all day long if you can. (Getting the balance between the two is really important!) If possible walk whenever you can. If you have simple, light errands to run and you’re able to walk, do them on foot! I normally walk to the post box or if I need a loaf of bread from the bakers I walk down. It’s all about doing what works for you.

 The fresh air will help you feel better as well as keeping your legs healthy. Often when you get back you feel like all the cobwebs have been blown away. 

Moisturise Regularly

Make sure you keep your feet and legs moisturised using a good quality moisturiser. Often we remember to moisturise our faces or have some hand cream in our desks or bag. But our legs often get forgotten! Treat yourself to a nice body lotion and make it part of your daily self-care routine.

Make note of any problem areas

If you notice any broken skin, dry patches, redness or other signs of discolouration get it checked out if it doesn’t clear up quickly. 

If you feel any pain in your legs and/or feet during or after exercise please do get it checked out. 

Further Information 

Legs Matter have produced a Useful Leaflet about how to care for your legs

Here’s a useful leaflet produced by Legs Matter about looking after your legs Click Here

What do you do to keep your legs healthy?

  Please let me know in the comments

Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper

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  1. Cathie Heart of The Heart's Design

    I always fail on moisturising enough during the summer, especially no really hot times like now where I’m also getting a tan. So I will keep circling my ankles and reach for that coco butter cream for my skin. Thanks for the reminder Sarah.

    • Sarah Cooper

      Thank you Cathie! I’m spending lots of time at my desk at the moment so really welcome going for an evening walk. I’ve also enjoyed dancing whilst the kettle boils, though I’m sure those people passing my house whilst walking their dog think I’ve lost the plot!


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