How to remain grounded during times of stress

How do you remain grounded at times of stress?

When faced with a time of stress it can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Here are some tips to help you remain grounded during times of stress.

Remember this too will pass

Thinking back to every other storm, stressful situation or crisis that we’ve suffered during our lifetimes we can see that eventually things start to calm down, the tricky situation gets resolved and the stress goes away.  

Things will get back to normal, eventually, and calm will be restored. This madness cannot last forever. So for now, the best thing would be to find a way to positively embrace it or at least try not to fight against it. It’s like we have to become surfers for a while, and just simply surf the wave that life has thrown at us…

in every crisis there is an opportunity

There is an opportunity in every crisis

Sometimes it can help to actively look for the good things amongst the bad things.

Stressful times can bring about the opportunity for connection and compassion, for reaching out to others in our area. It may give an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what is working well in life right now and what things could be changed.

It can also give an opportunity to just rest and take some time out for other things. If you’re a front-line worker and having to work all hours the opportunity may be to reach out for support rather than to rest and relax right now. 
image of woman starting a project

Finish up, start or ditch projects

At times like these, it can be a great opportunity to either start new projects, finish old projects or decide, finally, that you really are never going to finish off making that rag rug you started in 1990 and ditch it completely. If you aren’t going to finish it, someone else may be able to, so consider asking around to see if anyone wants to take it off your hands.

Stay grounded in times of stress by learning something new

Learn something new!

There is also a wealth of courses available online, some of which are free. There are also ebooks, emagazines and audio books available for download via your local library’s website. 

What have you always fancied learning to do but never found time to do? From online Yoga classes, Theatre classes, French lessons, Online Free Open University Courses there are things out there to pique your interest. If you suddenly find yourself in the role of Headteacher of your own two pupil school, there are also lots of free resources available for you too. 

woman stretching as she performs her morning routine

Create a routine and a structure

If you’re not going to work/uni/school/college for a while it can be tempting to turn off your alarm clock and see what time you wake up. It can however be helpful to get up at a usual time (or create a new getting up time) and to stick to this throughout the week.

Sleep patterns can easily be distrupted if we don’t impose some kind of routine, even if it’s just a vague one. Without some sense of routine it is easy to fall into that terrible ‘Chrimbo-Limbo’ feeling people get in the time between Christmas and the 2nd of January, where no one knows what day it is and suddenly the most logical thing to do seems to be having Baileys on your shreddies for Breakfast…

Structure your day

It can also help making a list of things you want to acheive each day, it doesn’t need to be a long list, maybe one or two things towards your business if you have one, one or two simple tasks towards keeping your house ticking over and then one or two treats for self-care.

Having a set bedtime routine can also be helpful. If you would like more tips about having a good nights sleep please click here

Woman with her feet up after reflexology in Boroughbridge

Be kind to yourself

Any new way of life or big change to the way you do things can be difficult and for some will cause anxiety. If you find yourself feeling anxious check out my article on anxiety

Write any worries you might have on a piece of paper and write underneath them any actions you can take to help each situation.

Sit with your feet on the floor, imagine yourself rooted to the earth by a thick sturdy chain and above you there is a column of beautiful white light. You are safe and connected.

Drink Plenty of Water, maybe with a slice of lemon, lime or orange if you’re not allergic, obviously! 

Have a hot shower, and imagine worries being washed away down the plughole. Visualise a shower of golden light washing all your worries away.

Carry a smoky quartz crystal in your pocket, or haematite or red jasper as these crystals help you feel rooted and grounded.

Eat a healthy diet, avoid caffeine and try to take a little light exercise every day. 

You can do this! 

Over to you! 

How do you cope in times of stress? What works for you? Please leave me a comment in the box below.


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