How to look good during menopause

How to look good during menopause

As you go through menopause, the fluctuation of hormones can cause your skin and hair to change. Skin can become dry and start to lose some of its elasticity. Your jowls may start to sag a little and it’s not unheard of for spots to appear when previously your skin has been clear and blemish-free.

You might also find that fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. Your breasts may be further south than they were a few years ago and you may find that your hair is thinner than it was. This can leave you feeling fed up (to say the least!)

But it’s not all doom and gloom, there are lots of things that we can do during menopause to keep us looking good and feeling great.

1. Having a good skincare routine is key

Time may be short and you may not always have time for a full daily skincare routine (if you have, great!) 

Wear a facial cream containing SPF

The most important thing is to protect your skin from the sun. Wearing a facial cream with a spf factor of at least 25 is vital.

Use good quality skincare products suitable for your skin type

Wash your face using a good quality cleanser morning and night. Use firm upwards sweeping moves when you apply product to your skin to help keep it looking youthful. Treat yourself to regular facials or facial reflexology. 

2. Have Regular Facials or Facial Reflexology

Having regular facials or facial reflexology will help keep your skin supple, ensure that oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your skin, will keep it moisturised and also assist lymphatic drainage. This will keep your skin looking radiant and looking more youthful.

If you find that you’ve not got time to go to a salon regularly to have a facial, you can give yourself a mini facial at home using your own skin care products. All you need for this is a good cleanser or face wash, a gentle exfoliator, a mask, a toner and a good quality moisturiser or serum.

Skincare for menopause new

3. Get well-fitting lingerie

Having a good, supportive bra makes all the difference to how we look and feel. You may find that your breasts have changed size so it is important to get measured properly and to use that measurement as a starting point as there can be variations in fit even within the same size bra. Treat yourself to matching knickers too.

4. Spruce up your wardrobe

Go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything that no longer suits you or that looks tatty or out of date. Any items that no longer fit or suit but are in good condition can be sold on apps like Vinted. 

Pick a few new key pieces to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe. Accessorise with bright scarves or necklaces or chunky jewellery. 

5. Have a great hair cut

A great hair cut can make all the difference to your appearance and give you a great confidence boost.

6. Know who does a good lip and chin wax

Having a few chin whiskers is common as you get older. Find a good beautician who will wax them for you.

7. Avoid environmental stressors

Avoid environmental stressors like smoking, alcohol, refined food and sugar. If you smoke it can be useful to join a smoking cessation programme.

Drink alcohol in moderation, and reduce the amount of refined food and sugar in your diet.

Stay Hydrated and eat lots of antioxidant rich foods like fruit and vegetables. 

8. Get plenty of sleep 

Sleep is key to looking good during menopause. Having enough good quality sleep can help keep away bags from under your eyes and can help you function better during the day. Having a regular sleep routine is vital. Try to get up and go to bed at similar times of day even at weekends.

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