How to have a perfectly imperfect Christmas this year

How to have an imperfect Christmas this year

After the year we’ve all had the last thing we need on top is extra pressure to have a ‘perfect’ Christmas. So take the pressure off yourself and create the kind of Christmas that works for you and your family.

Be Realistic, life is NOT like the movies!

If you believe what you see on the movies everyone else is having a jolly family time with everyone looking doe-eyed at everyone else whilst having a nice relaxing game of monopoly in front of a roaring log fire.

However the reality is often more like over-tired children having a tantrum, grandma falling asleep in a corner after having her third helping of sherry trifle, dad trying to think of a reason to walk the dog for the third time in as many hours to escape the mayhem and mum wishing she was able to have a lie down in a darkened room with a good book and a glass of prosecco!

People who usually spend a couple of hours at the most together every day are suddenly expected to be together in one room feeling happy and jolly for days on end and so it’s no wonder people end up with frayed nerves over the holiday period.

So be mindful that what you see on films is probably NOT what is happening in household across the land.

Imperfect christmas. Image of christmas wrapping and gifts

How to be really crafty this Christmas

Now there are certain programmes on Channel 4 telling you how to make all kinds of wonderful crafts for Christmas. If that’s your thing, great but if not don’t beat yourself up about it.

Do what makes sense for you! If you want to hand make Christmas cakes and Christmas pudding and honey glaze everything in sight then great, but if you’re tired or poorly or time-poor or just want to spend time with the family rather than tied to the cooker you can buy a lot of things pre-prepped or frozen. Or if you’re feeling energetic they can be prepared in advance and some things can be frozen at home. Yorkshire Puddings and cauliflower cheese freeze well in advance.

If you have a very small family, you might find that it makes more sense to buy a chicken or turkey crown or a turkey roll. Or do away with the turkey idea and have your favourite meal instead. There’s no shame in having a curry or Christmas buffet or pizza if that’s what you prefer. Especially if no one in the family is that keen on a roast dinner!

Make your own traditions

This year especially is the ideal time to make your own family traditions. One of our family traditions has been to have Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve. This has meant that we can spend time with the children on Christmas Day itself and we can either pick at the leftovers or have something quick and simple for Christmas day meals (often cheese toasties or pizza) which means that everyone can celebrate together.

It can add a layer of calmness to the day. Having a special lunch (with enforced eating of sprouts!) amongst all the excitement of Christmas can be a step too far for some people!

My mission and Philosophy

Discuss Arrangements Ahead of time

This lets everyone be clear on what is happening and there are no misunderstandings. 

This could be an opportunity to think who you would like to spend time with (especially if you normally end up spending it with people you don’t really get on with! Now maybe the chance for you to pull up the drawbridge, hunker down and have the family Christmas you’ve always dreamed of!

Little ones will find it useful to know what is happening when and also what is expected of them. The more gentle guidance you give them the calmer they should be.

Christmas Walk

Take some time out just for you

During the day it can be helpful to take some time out for yourself! You don’t need to be constantly at it all day. It is your day too. If you need a nap or to do some yoga, read a book or fancy a short walk then do it!

If you have children factoring in some quiet time can be very helpful. It’s also a good idea to get them out of the house for an hour or so by going for a walk or taking them to the park to let off some steam.

How to have a perfectly imperfect Christmas this year

How are you going to create a perfectly imperfect Christmas this year?

Please let me know by leaving me a message in the comments below

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