How often should I have a Reflexology treatment?

How often do I need a Reflexology treatment

How often should I have a Reflexology treatment?

When I get asked by clients ‘How often should I have a Reflexology treatment?’ my answer is usually something along the lines of it depends on you as an individual, what is happening in your life right now and of course your budget. 

Do you have some kind of on-going issue that you’d like help to address?

If you have some kind of on-going issue like anxiety or tension in a particular area or are struggling to sleep etc you might benefit from having a weekly or fortnightly treatment for a while, followed by top-up appointments every three to four weeks. 

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Are you wanting an appointment to help you maintain your wellbeing?

If you are otherwise fine and are having Reflexology treatments to maintain wellbeing it would be most beneficial to have an appointment once or twice a month, although there is no reason why you couldn’t have a weekly appointment if you wish.

Is there a maximum amount of time to leave between appointments?

Although there’s no definitive answer to this, I would say the maximum time to leave between appointments would be about 6 weeks tops. 

It is worth remembering that treatments have a cumulative effect so that the more often you have a treatment, the better it will be overall as each treatment adds onto the last treatments effects. 

It’s a bit like going to the gym, eating a healthy diet or weeding your garden. If you do any of those things once you’ll make some progress towards your goals, but doing them frequently and consistently will give better results.  Going to the gym, eating healthily or weeding your garden once a year is great but doing it with some kind of regularity is greater! 

Is there a maximum amount of treatments I can have a week?

Again, your budget will probably be the one to decide how many treatments you can have a week. I suggest having a maximum of two or at a push three treatments a week for most clients, although again this is not set in stone, and sometimes a short burst of very regular appointments can be beneficial. Longer term, I would recommend having a maximum of 1 or 2 reflexology treatments a week. 

In the later stages of pregnancy (37 weeks plus) a twice weekly reflexology appointment may be helpful. 

Some Weekend Appointments Available

What are the benefits of having regular Reflexology treatments?

The benefits are that it keeps you feeling that bit better. I know when I go for regular treatments (as I’ve started doing after suffering from a bit of lower back pain last year) I feel a lot more uplifted and less tense.

If you’re feeling tense and have regular treatments, that tension is likely to be less than if you didn’t have regular treatments. Also coming for treatments means you get regular support. As part of what I do I listen to what you have to say without passing judgement and often just to be able to off-load those thoughts and release them can be helpful. I’m not a trained counsellor so all I can offer is a friendly ear before tucking you up on my couch for your treatment.

Book early to avoid disappointment

Booking your next appointment at the end of your current appointment makes sure that you’ve secured the time you want into the diary and you don’t miss out on next months couch time. I know with my own massage therapist that I’m not going to miss out on an appointment if my therapist gets fully booked as it’s there in her diary (and mine)  

It is also reassuring knowing that I’ve got a date in the diary for next month so I’m not having to find my glasses and my diary and a pen and paper and *shudders* call someone to book an appointment. I’ve chosen the therapist that I like so I’m not having to decide from a heap of names plucked up from google which therapist to ring. It just makes the whole process so much less stressful and afterall, who needs more stress in their lives? 


Over to you!

How often do you have a reflexology treatment? Please let me know in the comments below

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