Hot Stones Massage

90 Mins £75 | 60 Mins £55 | Back of Body £45
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Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones Massage Boroughbridge

This deeply relaxing massage uses hot stones to help ease the tension in your aching muscles and unwind your tired mind.

Hot Stone Massage originated over 2,000 years ago and has roots in a variety of different cultures including the Egyptians, Chinese, and Native Americans

The stones we use for hot stones massage are usually made from basalt which are useful as they are able to retain heat easily.

Stones are heated in a special heater until they’re the right temperature. Large hot stones are used as placement stones usually over a towel.

This allows the heat to start to work on your muscles right away. It helps to warm the muscles and it is thought that one stroke using hot stones is the equivalent of 8 strokes without! 

The treatment ends with small crystals being placed down your chakra points and your chakras rebalanced. 


Benefits of Hot Stones Massage include:

  • Reducing tension in muscles
  • Relieving stress 
  • Assisting better sleep patterns
  • Relaxation
  • Balancing Energy Levels
  • Increased feeling of wellbeing
  • Helps lift low mood

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