Covid-19 Policy

 Covid-19 Policy and Procedures

I aim to keep us both as safe as possible. Therefore I will be continuing to maintain good levels of hygiene and continuing to wear a mask. I would politely request that you wear your mask for your appointment where possible, unless you are medically exempt or unless I am doing a facial reflexology treatment.

New Treatment Procedure

Instead of offering a face-to-face consultation at time of the treatment, I will email you a consulation form and privacy policy form, usually the day before your treatment.

This helps me to gather the information I need in order to be able to give you the best treatment possible. It will also allow me to do a covid-19 risk assessment. Please click here for advice regarding covid-19 symptoms and what to do if you think you may have them.

What you will need for your mobile treatment

If possible we will work on your sofa or a chair that reclines. If you don’t have anything suitable at home to do this comfortably, I will bring my portable recliner chair in and use that. My chair will be thoroughly sanitised between clients. Any covers etc will be clean for each client.

Please bring down:

  • A couple of pillows or cushions,
  • A clean bath towel
  • A blanket
  • A black or blue pen.

If you don’t have these to hand or have limited mobility where it would be unsafe for you to bring them down, please let me know and I will bring them.

On Arrival

When I arrive to give you your treatment, please have the door open so that I can come through without having to touch door knobs, door handles, doorbells etc.

If you have a downstairs cloakroom/loo with a sink in it, please may I wash my hands there? If not or if it would involve travelling to the opposite side of the house going through communal areas, I will use my 60+% hand sanititzer gel.


Please wear a mask for our appointment, unless you are medically exempt. I will wear a mask.

Covid Vaccinations

Please do not book your reflexology appointment within 72 hours of having your covid vaccination. 

If you are still having any side-effects or are feeling unwell after your vaccine please rearrange your appointment. 


Please make payments via BACS or via Credit or Debit Card. Please note I do NOT accept cash or cheques. Payments are due on the day of the appointment please. 

After the treatment

If possible I will need to wash my hands (or use hand gel) before packing up and going home. I will ask if you wish to rebook an appointment. Your next treatment will follow the same format, with an online form for you to complete ahead of your treatment so that we can discuss how you have been, note any changes, find out what you’d like to feel like after the treatment and undertake the covid-19 risk assessment.

Cancellation Policy

For non-emergencies and non-medical/covid-19 cancellations, please give me at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment.

If you have an emergency, or are unwell, or anyone else in your household is unwell with something that is not personal to them, please let me know as soon as you can. For non-emergency/non-medical cancellations I reserve the right to invoice you for the full treatment amount unless the cancellation is made with more than 24 hours notice. For my full Cancellation Policy please click here


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