Autumn self care tips. 12 Easy ways to keep yourself well this Autumn

Autumn self care tips

As Autumn draws in it can be a good time to slow down a little and to enjoy a slightly calmer pace of life.

Looking after ourselves is also important as it helps keep us fit and healthy and helps us fight off common colds and flu. If we’re in tip top condition we can then help others to our maximum potential.

Here are my top 12 Easy Autumn self care tips

autumn self care tips. Image of woman in front of a beach with her arms raised

Release what is no longer working for you

Traditionally autumn is a time of shedding, pruning and paring back to good wood and we too may find it useful to think about what is still serving us, and what needs to be pared away or dropped altogether.

With the slightly slower pace of life we might find we have time to think about small changes we can make so we’re kinder to ourselves and starting to acknowledge our own needs. Where we take the pressure off ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally and cut ourselves some slack.

autumn self care tips manage stress. image of woman holding her head in her hands on a pink background

Manage your stress levels

Stress can cause problems if not carefully managed. Try taking a little time each day to unwind properly.

Try keeping a journal or an art journal or simply a sketchbook and some watercolour paints so you can play and experiment whilst watching the tv! Or take up an absorbing hobby and find time in your week for it.

If possible give yourself a little ‘white space’ in your diary where you have nothing planned, so you can potter around and rest if you need to or do those little jobs that you’ve been putting off, but at a slower pace so they’re done properly. We all need space to ‘breathe’

Write down a list of what is worrying you and then write a solution to what you could do to resolve the situation – often that is enough to calm your stress levels back down to a sensible level!

Having a good book or a magazine on the go can also be helpful, as can listening to music, podcasts, audio books etc. What you need is something to capture your attention completely, so it takes your mind off whatever you’re stressing about!

Invest in a course of Reflexology, Reiki or Massage treatments – to keep your stress levels at bay.

Book your appointment by going to


Read more about managing your stress levels

autumn self care tips get outside in daylight. Image of a pair of trainers on an autumn day

Get outside during daylight hours – preferably each morning

If you find that your body clock is a bit out of kilter or you find that you’re struggling to sleep, try getting out for a walk, do some gardening or even just sit in the garden first thing.

Daylight helps you produce the right hormones to help you sleep. Exercise is also good for unwinding tired minds and that in turn can help you to sleep.

autumn self care tips sleep

Have a good night time routine to help you sleep

Have a good night time routine which helps you to unwind after a busy day.

Write a list of everything you need to remember tomorrow so you’re not trying to keep it in the forefront of your mind.

Aim to go to bed and get up at the same times each day

Start your wind-down routine from the minute dinner is over.

Having low level lighting and avoiding caffeine after 2pm can help.

Read my article on Bedtime Rituals to help you sleep

autumn self care tips image of blanket, cosy candles and pumpkins giving a cosy autumn vibe

Snuggle up and get cosy!

The darker nights are perfect for curling up with a good book or for spending time on hobbies that we don’t have time for during the lighter summer months.

Or for lighting some scented candles, creating a cosy environment and for snuggling up under a blanket.

Invite your friends around for a cosy night in and do some crafting or make cookies or make some soup together.

For some of my fabulous soup recipes go to

autumn self care tips have fun. Image of a gathering of women with sparklers having fun

Have some fun

It may be possible for us to find a way of incorporating more fun into our lives, to be a bit playful, to experiment and grow but also to deeply rest.

Alternatively watch a funny film, or watch some comedy programmes on the tv. Or just experiment with a new recipe, go a different way to work or pick something new off the menu at your favourite restaurant.

Or try doing something completely new for an afternoon.!

Autumn Self Care tips skin care

 Take care of your skin

Remember to do your skin care routine, using a good quality moisturiser with an added spf factor of 30 and have a weekly exfoliate and face mask. 

Use a lip balm to keep your lips supple. Stay hydrated as this will help your skin too.

You can incorporate some facial reflexology moves into your skin care routine. Ask me if you’d like me to show you some moves you can include

autumn self care tips<br />

 Eat a healthy balanced diet and stay hydrated

By eating a healthy, balanced diet full of wholegrains, fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats we can keep our gut healthy which in turn helps with your immunity.

Eating a diet rich in protein, fibre and whole grains can also help stabilise blood sugar and keep anxiety at bay.

Keeping hydrated is important for allowing our cells to function as effectively as possible and can help us flush out any potential viruses and infections. It can also help with focus and concentration.

autumn self care tips

Notice what is around you

Try to notice the little things in life. The way the sun shines on the trees, the colours, the sunrises and sunsets, the crunch of leaves under foot, the feeling of the wind blowing your hair. It’s easy to go about daily life without noticing the things that make a difference!

Challenge: On a nice day go sit in the garden for 5 mins and do NOTHING apart from notice what you can see, hear, smell, feel and touch.


You don’t need to set a timer for this – if you do chances are after 2 mins and 24 seconds you’ll be looking to see if your time is up.

autumn self care tips

Keep a gratitude journal

Each day think of 3 things you’re grateful for in your life. Keep adding to it and every so often read through your list. It is good for boosting your mood and keeping you focused on the good stuff in life.

Often we get tangled up in how bad things are or how things are tough going without remembering how many things we have to be thankful for.

autumn self care tips digital detox, image of woman sitting in chair reading whilst her mobile phone is in a basket out of the way

Have a digital detox

We can spend way too much time faffing aimlessly on our phones with endless notifications telling us someone has liked our comment or added a photo. Often if you switch  your phone off for a day you come back to find that nothing really important has happened.

Try leaving your phone downstairs overnight so you’re not tempted to scroll aimlessly at 3am and if you are able to, try keeping your phone on silent for most of the day unless you’re actively expecting a phone call.

You could delete or offload your social media apps on your phone so you have to actively log into the main website if you want to scroll.

autumn self care tips vitamin d. Image of vitamin d capsule being held up to the sunlight. With clouds in the background and a blue sky

Take some vitamin D (if you need to!)

The NHS recommends that we take vitamin D during the winter months as it is fairly unlikely that we’re going to get enough from daylight or food sources on its own.

To read more about why we should take vitamin D and the recommended doses go to

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