7 Quick ways to get to sleep

If like around 50% of the UK you are struggling to sleep at the moment you will probably welcome these quick tips! 

1.Try Massage (either massage yourself or get a partner to massage you)

 Choose a night time Aromatherapy Massage Blend and massage it in.  You can buy night time or relaxation blends or you can make your own. If making your own carefully measure the ingredients and only use on adults. If you are pregnant, on medication, have a medical condition, a skin sensitivity, are taking homeopathic remedies or are under 18 please consult a qualified aromatherapist before use. 

Sleep Well Blend

If you would like to make your own night time massage blend add 1 drop vetiver essential oil, 3 drops of neroli essential oil and 3 drops of lavender essential oil to 15ml of massage oil and gently stir to blend. 

The act of massage itself is very calming. If you don’t have any essential oils plain massage oil will work just as well. If you have a partner you can ask them to massage it in for you, using long, slow, sweeping strokes towards the heart. If you don’t have a partner you can massage your own arms and feet. 


2. Have a warm milky drink  

Using the milk of your choice (this could be plant based milk like almond or oat, or cows milk depending on what you prefer) I like cocoa (rather than hot chocolate which is way too sweet for my taste buds) or cacao (which is the unrefined version) You can buy Cacao latte at the supermarket on the shelf along with the hot chocolate and cocoa. This is very soothing. If you don’t like the taste of chocolate, try having warm milk with a light sprinkling of cinnamon on the top. 

3. Keep Cool

Bedrooms need to be fairly cool, even in winter. If it is safe to do so, have your window open a little way to let some fresh air in. It helps to keep the air nice and cool. Radiators in bedrooms should be kept at a fairly cool setting as it’s difficult to sleep in a hot room.

4. Make the bed

Whilst many people make their beds every day as part of life, some people don’t. If you’re currently not making your bed as part of your morning routine, either add it in or do it before you jump into bed. Add a heavy blanket, even in summer as it will help weigh you down a bit and keep you feeling secure. It is often easier to sleep if you’re feeling grounded and weighted down a little.

bedtime alarm

5. Create a bed time alarm

Whilst it might sound a bit daft setting an alarm to tell you it’s time to get ready for bed, it really works. Having a set bed time or a set time to start your bedtime routine can be really powerful. Our bodies are creatures of habit and they like to know what is happening next. So if you get used to going to bed at a certain time or at least running your bath at a set time, your body will learn to listen to the cues and start preparing for sleep. 

Doing the same or very similar things every night is helpful too. Your phone should be able to remind you when it is bedtime either by using the bedtime app, or by setting an alarm like you would for the morning. Choose a gentle ringtone, so if you happen to go to bed early one night you won’t get jolted out of your snoozy state.

6. Play some soft music.

 I listen to soft music as I’m drifting off to sleep most nights. If you have a device which will let you play one album and then switch off, great. If you use a smart speaker it may be able to automatically play some soft music to you each night using a set voice command. I love listening to Aroshanti or Nils Frahm or Einaudi as they’re all very soothing to listen to.

7. Keep your phone elsewhere!

There is the temptation to charge your phone by your bed, then play with it in the night if you happen to wake up. There’s also the temptation to roll over again and go back to sleep once your alarm goes off in the morning. So the best thing to do is keep it out of your bedroom if you possibly can do so you’re not tempted to be checking your Facebook at 3am on the way back from the loo!