10 Great ways to instantly boost your mood

10 Great ways to instantly boost your mood

If you’re feeling a bit glum right now you need to read this!

January in particular can feel a bit flat after a whirlwind of present wrapping, partying etc. Once the Christmas decorations are down you can end up with a feeling of ‘now what?!’

Money may be a bit tight, so I’ve written a list of my favourite ways to instantly boost your mood that don’t cost a lot of money and that you can do without a lot of extra effort. Afterall who has energy for that right now?! Not me, that’s for sure!

image of a woman playing a classical guitar

Put on some upbeat music – or play your favourite musical instrument!

Music can be a very effective instant mood booster. Play some lively upbeat music – housework songs normally are fairly upbeat as is clubland music. Or you might prefer some classic 80s hits or some rousing opera music. If you have a music streaming service experiment until you find something that suits your mood!

If you’re musical and have a musical instrument stuffed in a cupboard somewhere, dig that out and blow the cobwebs off it. 

instantly boost your mood image of a curly haired lady dancing

Instant mood booster! Get moving!

Find creative ways to get your body moving as you go about your daily activities. Dance whilst the kettle boils.

Take the stairs, not the lift (if you’re mobile enough to!) Walk to the post box or when doing errands within walking distance. Or try an online workout or yoga class. There are loads available for free on YouTube. Exercise is great for boosting your circulation, increasing endorphins and bringing about that feel-good factor!

Image of a family going for a winter walk

Get some fresh air!

There’s something wonderfully uplifting about being outdoors. Maybe it’s the feeling you get from the wind blowing your face or the change of scenery. Or the chirping of birds in the trees. If you can’t go for a brisk walk or a run, try simply spending time having a cuppa in the garden or by the door. If you fancy a catch up with a friend, maybe get a takeaway coffee and go for a walk?

instant mood booster have a long hot shower

Take a shower

Take a long(ish!) hot shower. Imagine all your worries being washed down the plughole. There’s something very therapeutic about having a good shower, washing away any worries you may have, and then pulling on your favourite clean clothes afterward.

Image of woman calling a friend

Call or Write to a friend

Can you remember the last time you wrote a friend a letter? Or the last time you received a letter from a friend? Write a long, chatty letter to a friend and pop it in the post. Alternatively, give them a call or have a catch-up on zoom or Facetime.

Image of woman laying on sofa watching Tv

Watch a funny movie or a re-run of your favourite tv show.

There’s something deeply comforting about watching something that you’ve already seen before, especially if it allows you to switch off enough to relax deeply. Having a good belly laugh can be just what you need if you’re feeling down.

create a cosy nook

Create a cosy nook and curl up with a good book

We all need somewhere safe to retreat from the world. Create a cosy nook with warm blankets, soft cushions, deep squishy pillows and scented candles if that’s your thing.

Curl up there with a good book or some colouring-in or some crafting or simply take a nap!

*Make sure your candles are blown out if you’re having a nap*

Image of a diffuser

Diffuse an uplifting essential oil

Diffuse an uplifting essential oil like sweet orange or mandarin essential oil.

Add 2-3 drops into some water in a diffuser and diffuse intermittently thoroughout the day for best effects. 

image of art supplies and watercolour painted flowers<br />

Play! Do something for the sake of doing it without an intended outcome.

When was the last time you simply played the way you used to do as a child? With no set goal in mind, just playing for playing’s sake?

Reconnect with your inner child and do something playful. This could be getting a canvas and some paints and creating some textures and swirls in an abstract way.

Or knitting something or building something with Lego or making some jewellery out of Fimo or writing a story or a poem.

Be absorbed in the process rather than intent on it being ‘good’ or useful at the end of it! 

image of a woman looking at a recipe on her laptop


Sometimes we get stuck in a rut by doing the same things all the time.

Experimenting with something new can lift the mood and get those neurons firing in your head!

You could try a new recipe or go for a coffee or lunch at a different coffee shop to your normal one. Or ask a friend who you don’t know as well if they’d like to meet up for a chat?

Or you could explore a nearby town that you’re not so familiar with or visit a tourist attraction on your own doorstep.

If you would like some new recipes to try go to https://www.mamacoopskitchen.co.uk where you’ll find a collection of my favourite recipes

Image of a big bubble in winter

Capture a sense of magic!

Look out for magical moments in your day to day life. Whether it’s a frosty fence with a gorgeous sunrise or the rainbow effect of bubbles in your bath. Or the majesty of the stars as they shine at night or the power of the full moon. There are lots of magical moments to lift your mood if you look carefully for them.

Taking photos of beautiful sunsets, things that have made you laugh etc can give an instant boost to your mood. Save them into a folder so when you next feel down you can have a look through and cheer yourself up!

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What do YOU do to boost your mood? Please let me know in the comments below


Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper

I am a Reflexologist, Reiki Master Practitioner and Writer from Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. I love writing about Health and Wellbeing, Mind Body Spirit and Reflexology. When I’m not at work, you can find me in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

If you’d like to book a treatment please go to https://www.sarahcooper.co.uk/book

Sarah Cooper

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